Mirror, a physical and energetic re-imagining of Snow White. We all know the story . . . Conflicted return to the earliest versions of the fairy tale stripping it back to the mythical essentials; dance, vanity, hate, love, obsession and selfies.

The Scarlet Letter

‘vibrant performances’ – The Irish Times  ★★★★ ‘powerful sequences of physical theatre’ – Irish Theatre Magazine ‘Conflicted Theatre give us a smart, imaginative take on a starkly vivid story… Intelligent and moving’ – Evening Echo The Scarlet Letter tells the story of the adulteress Hester Prynne, publicly shamed and cast out by society, and her…


An immersive, promenade piece that traversed 5 floors of the former government buildings in Cork City as part of the Solstice Festival in 2012. Joe is a regular guy: born, crawled, walked, ran, school, kicked a ball, kissed a girl, college, traveled for a year and got a job. Not bad. But it is bad…

After Jekyll

    A theatrical adaption or more appropriately a sequel to The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The only difference between Good & Evil is perspective. Conflicted Theatre’s first show from 2010.